Levels System

Level One (1) Beginner Ground and Riding Skills

Level One is for any one who is either just starting out or even for the seasoned rider who is having trouble with their horse.
If you are some one that has to yell or hit your horse to get off you or get on a float or stand still to mount then this course is for you.

This course is about respect for both horse and rider. We will teach you both how to be partners and make riding fun, safe and the most enjoyable experience possible.

Our motto is if you can't control your horse on the ground, if the horse is rude and pushes you around then you shouldn't get on.

Our Level One will teach you how to desensitize your horse so that it won't spook saving injuries for both horse and rider. We will show you how to move your horse backwards, forwards, sideways - yielding from rhythmic pressure and rhythmic motion.

Mornings are spent working on your ground work skills in preparation for the afternoons riding.

These clinics will have you and your horse achieving things you never thought possible whilst building a rapport and a relationship that will last a lifetime.

Come and do a one day clinic with us initially and just see the difference that will make. You will want to come back for more. After you have mastered the beginner Level One course  -  it dosen't stop there as we have four levels all up. Level Two is the preliminary, Level Three is the Intermediate and Level Four is the advanced.

After spending a life time playing with horses we have learnt that the learning never stops, each horse and each day there is a new challenge and we all learn amd be empowered more about horses every day.

So give us an email or a call so we can help you embark on a journey of horsemanship that will never end.

Prerequisite.    You and a horse

Equipment:- Horse, rope halter, 12ft lead rope, bridle, saddle and feed for you and your partner (the horse)



Level One (2) Preliminary Ground & Riding Skills

On successful completion of our Level One Beginner program you will be eligible to proceed to our Level Two Preliminary program.

The Level Two Preliminary will enhance those skills learnt in our earlier program by extending your ground work skills to move your horse around using lead ropes and 22ft line.

Ground skills will cover circle work, side passing, yielding from pressure, yielding from suggestion and liberty with a carrot stick.

Riding skills will cover rein positioning, side passing, riding in a halter with one rein, backing your horse riding in the bridle with soft hands and much more.

Once again this program runs over four days and on successful completion you will be awarded a Statement of Attainment in the Level Two Preliminary Ground and Riding Skills.

Once you and your horse have gained the skills on Level Two you wont want to stop there, level three really gets the horse and rider working as partners and the fun starts to explode and your journey will get better and better.

Prerequisite are that you you have completed Level One Beginner Ground and Riding.

Equipment needed:- Rope halter, 12ft rope, 22ft rope, saddle, bridle and of course feed for your faithful horse.


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