Starting & Education of Horsestrust

Quality foundation training of horses requires

  • Patience
  • kindness
  • experience in variety of disciplines
  • valuable years of knowledge and skills

 Edison and Jill                               


Whatever discipline of riding you do such as endurance, ponyclubbing, competing in shows or out in the field in polocrosse or campdrafting - you need a horse which is soft, supple, respectful, has an excellent stop and great impulsion.  

It is important to find the right person to start (break in) your horse - and you can be involved as little or much as you would like.


Wayne is a most gifted horse educator and understands many disciplines, horse psychology and how to train the horse to the  
best of their ability.  Wayne is also a wonderful coach and is very respectful of people and their needs.
We encourage the rider/horse owner to be part of the training process as much as they can.
Horses are yarded individually -this is an OH&S policy of ours, rugged if you require, hosed after work etc etc. 
Our facilities are safe and offer lots of training opportunities for the horse such as bush, water, desensitising to cattle and sheep 
(amazing how many horses spook at the sheep) kangaroos etc
We tailor make the training to your requirements and the horse's ability of course as well
We do not restrict the horse to a 'must do this today' type program. The horse will tell Wayne what it is capable of handling both 
mentally and physically. Wayne does not push horses into performing a task or cook their brains with too much too soon.
The horse needs to understand what is being asked of it and understand the movement that is required without fear of punishment.

  We have many testimonials on the website if you wish to read and we can put you in contact with those clients if you wish.

Have a browse of our video page and see some of what Wayne can do with horses.

                 When training with Wayne, you will receive a horse with all those qualities and more                              

Below Wayne is working on one of our fillies - first time with the saddle on - now she is learning the back up off the halter.


Suzi 1










Call or email us on your needs in the starting and training of your horse. 


We Endeavour To


in whatever discipline you follow.

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