Here are some kind words from Wayne's students. If you like you can write your own testimonial

My name is William Hupp and I have just turned eleven.

My family loves Painthorses and own quite a few.  At the 2006 National Painthorse Show I saw a stunning weanling gelding called CountheKash.  I really wanted him and felt an instant connection with him..  I didn't know that my Mum and Dad bought him for me and he ended up being my tenth birthday present. The best present I ever got.

I also have a little black pony called Slim that my Dad and I broke in.  I ride him whenever I have the chance.

We had heard about Wayne through a friend that was having lessons to build her confidence.  Mum contacted Wayne and he came out to give me some lessons on Slim.  Wayne spent alot of time with me teaching me how to get Slim to follow my commands.  I needed to build my confidence after a recent spill on Slim.

I showed Wayne my painthorse Kash and we talked about what I would like to do with him.  I really like western riding and my aim was to start showing him.  In western shows there are a few classes for yearlings.  I was very interested in Led Trail where a horse is taken through obstacles and over poles but had no idea where to start training him.  The thing I like about Wayne is that he taught me how to train Kash.  I didn't want someone else training my horse.  I was excited when Kash started sidepassing, backing up and jogging over poles without touching them. We started taking him over a bridge that my Dad made and even through gates.  (Our property now has quite a Led Trail Course!).  I practised with him every day and had a dream of taking Kash to some big shows.

We started going to a western show that is held once a month at Dubbo and took Kash through their Led Trail Classes.  I was also doing Showmanship and halter classes with him.

Wayne took Kash in the Led Trail Class at the Nationals as my Mum thought an experienced horseperson should show horses at that level.  There are never any kids in these classes.  Wayne and Kash were Reserve Champions in a class of 18.  The next big show was the NSW State Painthorse Show in Sydney at the SIEC.

I really wanted to show him myself and had the confidence to enter the ring against 9 professional trainers and horsepeople.  Kash and I only lost half a point in the whole course and were placed 1st.  Kash was the Grand Champion at Led Trail.  I don't think anyone believed that a kid could beat all the professionals.  I knew we were going to be competitive but it was a thrill to win.

The main thing I have learnt from Wayne is 'patience'.  If my horse isn't doing what I want it to do then I am giving him the wrong signals and I try something else.

Wayne is now going to teach me how to breakin Kash and my dream is to ride him at the 2008 Nationals.  It is great that he wants me to be completely involved so that Kash and I can keep developing as a team.
I believe Kash and I never would have had the success we have had if Wayne hadn't taught me the skills and given me the confidence to believe that anything is possible.

William Hupp,
Gulgong, NSW

I have known Wayne Caslick and used him as a horse starter, educator and trainer for the past 8 years. I was first drawn to Wayne for his horse handling skills and his ability to take a holistic approach with all of his clients and their horses.

He continually impresses me with both his dedication and commitment to achieving the best he possibly can. His sensitivity and knowledge I believe allow him to recognise potential setbacks before they appear. He has an experienced group of qualified professionals from many fields, including myself, whom he refers clients to in order to keep the horses in his care at the very top level of competition.

As an Australian representative both at my chosen profession of equine muscle release therapy and as an endurance rider my association with Wayne will continue. I have no hesitations in recommending Wayne and continue to be thrilled with the results he is able to achieve.

Renee Saxby-Lloyd
E.M.R.T. Practitioner
Australian Endurance squad member.

Renae Saxby-Lloyd,
Merriwa, NSW

Wayne Caslick has broken in 9 horses for Ningadoo Arabians to be used in endurance competition. I have been very pleased with all the horses.  I find that Wayne is very easy to communicate with about what I would like the horses to achieve while he has them. Wayne introduces the horse to traffic including trucks and motor bikes, water crossings and covers most scenarios that you are likely to meet in your normal day to day riding.

Wayne has also re schooled 2 difficult horses for us with great success and I recommend him highly.


Claudia Reid

Ningadoo Arabians

Claudia Reid,
St Albans, NSW

I first met Wayne Caslick in 1994 after he  offered his expertise as a horse handler to assist with the assessing and education of horses being rehabilitated at Horse Rescue Australia. From the very start of our association it was evident that Wayne was a particularly talented horse educator that had the ability to connect with his charges on a unique level. One instance of this was when the RSPCA needed assistance with a six year old brumby stallion that had been discovered with two arrows embedded in his body. I recommended Wayne be approached to see if he was prepared to work with the horse.  It was the final chance for the brumby as it was felt that this horse, crazy with fear and pain could severely injure, or at worse,  kill someone. Wayne accepted the challenge, keen to see the pinto have the opportunity for a useful life.  After a few weeks he delivered a gentle, well mannered stallion to me at Horse Rescue.  While he still had a couple of hang-ups (a fear of small confined spaces being the worse) he appeared calm and settled as Wayne put “Arrow” through his paces….bareback and in a halter!! Walk, trot, canter, sideways and backwards, both from the ground and mounted – bareback and under saddle. Then accompanied by me on another horse it was time for Wayne to ride Arrow out over 300 acres amongst several herds of horses. Arrow remained the perfect gentleman at all times.  Soon it was time for me to hop on board and experience the gentle willingness of this horse and wonder how easily, except for the interaction with Wayne, it might have been a completely different story for the little pinto brumby.

As a horse lover dedicated to welfare and wellbeing of horses my association with the gentle mild mannered Wayne Caslick has been a pleasure which will I hope will continue for many years. I have no hesitation in recommending him to others striving to achieve better results through improved communication with their horse and enhanced practical skills.  He has so much to offer both horse and rider/handler and their unique horse/human interactive relationship.

Kind regards,
Sally Davies
Horse Rescue Australia

Sally Davies,
Terrey Hills, NSW

Wayne conducted his first clinic in our area last March and as local organiser I was very impressed by his level of professionalism in both the organisation of the clinic and Wayne's conduct throughout the four days. As the clinic progressed Wayne skillfully stretched all of our horsemanship skills to a new level. We were all blown away by the progress every horse made in such a short time. Wayne was also very good at giving every horse and rider combination, no matter what level they were at individual time and attention. Our next clinic is in November and we can't wait to see what Wayne has in store for us. A fabulous thinking horseman who inspires us all to further our relationship with our horse. If you get the chance to run a clinic in your area, grab it.

Gill Beeson,
Barmera, SA

After my dad introduced me to horses when I was young, I rode from the age of five or six and my interest has never wavered.

Growing up, my sister and I went to a local riding school and for years we rode together in the bush, along the beaches and roads around Berry.

We loved and lived to ride.

After a few years our parents decided we weren't going to grow out of this Horse Thing so they almost bought us an old grey mare until we found out my sister was highly allergic to horses - we nearly lost her from a severe asthma attack just before we paid for the mare, and living on the hospital grounds there really wasn't a lot of room for our new pet . Mum and Dad worked at the hospital so my sister and I lived there in one of the one bedroom cottages with them for over 10 years, and then moved into another cottage in the hospital grounds until I was 18. Dad was the cook at the hospital and mum worked on the domestic staff. I took up nursing when I was 16, my sister worked in the Berry Chemist when she turned 16. My sister was number one in my life and it really made her sad if she couldn't ride when I did, this was one of the reasons we gave up riding. Even as a youngster I would rather have my sister around than a horse. I am an asthmatic as well, so I knew how she felt but fortunately I wasn't allergic to these wonderful creatures. However, her allergy put an end to my riding. Our dad was such a gentle person, he taught us to be gentle and considerate to everyone and all animals.

But I did see and learned the ‘mean way’ of training, not from my dad but  'professional horsemen' in the area, but it was always uncomfortable and just didn't feel right and never will.  For a lot of my life I saw people just being cruel to horses. It needed to change, the training methods the treatment methods they were all really horrible.  I later became qualified in Animal Reiki, communication,  aromatherapy and equine acupressure, non-invasive techniques of looking after and understanding our equine friends. Some people think I'm just ‘nuts’ and say ‘You can't fix an animal without modern medicine, (and that is true to a degree) or an old fashioned stick. ’Well, I can now say, ‘Yes we can!’ and Wayne Caslick reinforces that technique.

My husband and soul mate Pete, who before Wayne, was one of  the only people who encouraged me to get back in the saddle. Without him I really don't think I would have ridden again. Pete says, ‘You can't live off your fears’, which is so true.

Then one day it finally sank in - the weekend Wayne came to Sussex Inlet to do a clinic. I had bought this beautiful Appaloosa - called Andy, 2 1/2 years beforehand, but had never been quite game enough to get on and ride confidently, let alone show him. I rode him for a while in bursts every now and then.

I found it really hard to get back in the saddle after so many years of not riding. I made so many excuses: it looks like its going to rain, the girth doesn't fit, the bit annoys him...blah blah. I think I was frightened because I had had so many negative people around me telling me to BE frightened and that horses were just dumb animals of which we had to take charge. People would tell me to be rough, take control, whip them if they did something you didn't want them to do - I was confused as to how to handle a horse gently and correctly. I had many falls, one broken wrist when I was about 10 or 11 and in my first marriage my husband didn't allow me to get a horse (or any animal actually) because he was frightened of them. He used to say ‘Who is going to take care of the kids if you fall off?’ He didn’t encourage me to do the things I liked to do because it usually involved animals.Pete is so encouraging and loves to see me happy and working with the horses because he knows it’s what I love to do

I can't express how happy I am riding again, and not just in bits and pieces but really riding. I love the way Wayne teaches, he explains things so well and takes the time to be with everyone, he knows everyone's weaknesses and strengths - he was born to teach. I hadn't even loaded a horse onto a float by myself before I met Wayne. Now I can do it by myself and with a lot more confidence! I could never have been so confident without Wayne's help and encouragement - he never once made me feel inadequate or silly for being frightened. He understands it all. And I love the way Wayne has helped Andy to relate to me, to trust - that is something we have to put a lot of homework into - but the rewards are really worth it.

Sue Wild,
Nowra Hill, NSW

From the first day I first found Wayne by googling natural horsemanship trainers and found him on the Internet, I've been impressed by his natural talent and his gentle education methods.

I've seen horse he has trained do wonders, and he came to Sussex Inlet to hold clinics for some interested people, and he has shown me he is talented not only with horses but their owners and riders as well. 

I have been to three other clinics held by coaches who believe in natural methods, however, I found Wayne's Way to be the best by far.

I was terrified of riding after a childhood fall from a bolting and pigrooting horse, and nobody but Wayne has been able to instill the confidence in me that he has.

I rode at the clinics he held in Sussex Inlet and need maybe one more to have me back in the saddle with full confidence. So I'm looking forward to 2010 when I hope we can run another clinic with Wayne.

I would recommend him to anyone who wants to get more from their horse, to become their horse's best friend, to solve problems or to acquire an even deeper understanding of equine psychology and behaviour patterns.

Leone Britt,
Sussex Inlet, NSW




Renmark, SA






I have just come back from a 4 day Wayne Caslick horsemanship clinic at Glossop in South Australia it was absolutely fantastic.


Having  touched on natural horsemanship with my 21 year old mare 9 years ago, then having a business to run didn’t give me anytime for my horse for some years,  but after selling the business I decided to continual on with my horsemanship journey.


Having a young, very friendly 23 month old Gypsy Cob/Stock horse gelding I wanted to find someone who was very caring, kind and relaxed when breaking in horses, not to mention talented.


On doing some research this led me to Wayne Caslick.


Wayne is not just a talented horseman he has been given a gift with people skills.  He knows just how to relate to a group of people, to observe what each person is wanting to get out of the clinic and implementing tasks and ideas to keep everyone interested and keen to learn more.


I have attended many horsemanship clinics over the years with my older mare and have met some very good horseman, but it is very rare to find people who are able to teach to others the skills that they have acquired over time, Wayne is definitely one of these people.


I’m very honoured and excited to have Wayne breaking and training my young horse and I will be attending as many of Wayne’s clinics as possible as my horse deserves the best.


I would also like to congratulate Gill Beeson from the “Bonney View Farm trail riding school”on such a fabulous job that she done with organising the whole clinic.


Gill certainly deserves recognition because from the moment we first got introduced she made us feel like she had known us for years with her hospitality, kindness and generosity.


Even though Gill is a very busy lady she went far beyond the normal duties of a host with the degree that even though the weather was very hot she took all measures possible to keep horses and humans cool, content and happy.


As mentioned above I took my un broken young gelding to the clinic but realised after that I should have brought my older mare so that I had a horse to do the riding section of the clinic.


Gill very kindly offered to travel back to her place some kilometres away to bring back one of her riding horses to at least allow me to ride instead of watching.


How generous is that!!!!!!


After the clinic finished we took my horse back to Gill’s place ready for Wayne to leave early the next morning, but for the wonderful Gill this was not enough as she invited us to stay for a fantastic dinner with her, her family and Wayne.


This has been the start of a friendship and whenever we are in the area we will call in for a chat with Gill and her husband, maybe take up the horses for a ride from time to time and if ever they come around our way then they will be staying.  Gill is the type of person that is everyone’s friend not just a host.


I would also like to give recognition to her daughter (Cara) and son in law (Derek) for all their help and kindness, plus all the other wonderful people who contributed food, shade from the sun and the numerous ways that all helped to make the clinic so much more enjoyable.


The camaraderie of the clinic was very strong and has given me the thirst for more of the same on my natural horsemanship journey.


Once again to Gill and everyone from the clinic thank you all so very much.


by Pauline Cowey

Crystal Brook South Australia.


Mobile: 0429 321 231


Pauline Cowey,
Crystal Brook, SA

I attended one of Wayne’s natural horsemanship clinics in Glossop, S.A. recently. Wayne has helped me so much in a short space of time - with my confidence, patience, and in understanding how the horse mind works. I’ve made so much progress with the horse I ride at my lessons, BJ, especially in being more assertive without being unfair.

Thanks to my instructor (and organiser of the clinic) Gill Beeson, and to the great Glossop group; and a huge thank you to Wayne Caslick!


Chelsea Wiseman

Barmera, SA


From Chelsea Wiseman


Chelsea Wiseman,
Barmera, SA

I have a three year old Stock horse gelding who is my pride and joy.

Wanting to start him myself, I eagerly purchased every colt starting video and book I could find and off I set. 

Unfortunately my beautiful boy understood that I would not be as firm with him as I was with my children and quickly learned how to push my boundaries.

Wayne was suggested to me through a friend, however, I was very cautious in sending my baby boy to him.

Once I saw Wayne's approach to training and the facilities he has, I agreed to leave Bob with him.

I am a super nervous rider so you can imagine my apprehension that after only 9 days, Wayne called and suggested I come over and ride him.

Bob was an absolute gentleman, almost an old hand, despite being a 3 year old.  Wayne had taught him to sidepass to the fence so I could get on him and had me cantering around his yard.  I was estatic.

My baby boy now had manners and respect, however, he still retained his personality.

I would recommend Wayne to anyone based on my experience.



Jenni Sansom,
Uralla, NSW

Amelia and Blossom - See Video 11yrs old Amelia went to Wayne Caslick 3yrs ago, in 2010 with her 4yr old Quarab mare Blossom, neither horse nor rider were broken in. Wayne worked with Blossom initially and then Amelia and by the time he finished, Amelia could ride and Blossom was just a quiet, gentle giving little horse. They were perfectly suited. These images were taken the weekend of September 18th and Amelia was at the NEGS ODE in Armidale. There was enormous competition and Amelia and Blossom got a clear round in show jumping with a great time, she was fastest in cross-country with one fault and 13th in dressage. She came 8th overall and so was in with the ribbons and 3rd junior overall. Amelia is the caring wonderful rider she is today because she had the most caring and wonderful trainer. Wayne continued to work with Amelia on many occasions with a couple of more horses for the next 12mths until Wayne was convinced Amelia was ready to move on. October 2013

Natalie Ghiggoli,
Coolah, NSW

I recently attended a 4 day cattle clinic with Wayne Caslick at Cas Bar Haven Stud in Coolah NSW. My fourth clinic with Wayne.I have a young green horse who has had very limited experience with cattle. Wayne, as always was very patient with both of us as we learnt together. I am very much a visual learner, so it helps me to watch Wayne work with all our horses individually until we "get it" something that many coaches do not take the time to do. I have  over the years spent time with many talented horsemen but not necessarily good teachers. Wayne however is outstanding in both these areas. I only wish I lived closer, I would be having lessons every day ! Thank you once again for an amazing week of learning, great facilities and most of all your support.   4/4/2014

Kind Regards,

Amanda Quarisa.        

South Australia

Amanda Quarisa,
Adelaide, SA

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